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Integrated Electronics for Motor Drive

Customer benefits:

Our customers develop complex products such as mobile robots, electromechanical machinery tools, robotic arms, integrated electric drives, and so on.

Developing electronics for motor control that is integrated into such complex products is a challenging and time consuming part of the development that requires considerable resources, and very often delays the product release to the market.

Caspian Systems help it's customers to focus on their end  product development and applications by developing the integrated electronics for them. Our specialized knowledge and cost efficient solutions can solve this problem as well as guaranteeing the required quality, 

Mobile Robot

Robotic Joint

Integrated Drive



We design the drive electronics such that it can be integrated into the customer's end product.

It is fully customizable design. It can be multiple boards separating power stage, control board, sensing board, etc. or a single board depending on the space and design requirements.


We support various industries and different power classes and voltage levels.

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