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To configure, control and monitor electric drives
and motion control systems

Customer benefits:

When developing complex products that include motor control systems, it is crucial to be able to configure, control and monitor the motor control part independently from the rest of the systems.

Caspian Systems has developed eMotion software for this purpose. Our customers can make sure that the motor control subsystem will function according to their needs and requirements. They can get access to data recording and try different configurations. We can also modify eMotion to include other customer subsystems interacting with the motor control part.

eMotion features:


It can motor control (electric drive) firmware by accessing the required configuration parameters. There is also a graphical representation to facilitate the configuration task.


In the control tab it is possible to select the motor type, control method, configure the control parameters,apply the control command. Enable, disable and clear faults, etc.


In the monitoring tab it is possible to access all the signals that is created for trace and monitoring inside the firmware. The signals can be plotted in plotted and be monitored in run-time. The plotting area is dynamic and can be configures in a matrix format to add relevant signals in each plot.


It supports an identification mode where motor identification tests can be run interactively. Depending on the motor and the selected identification procedure, relevant motor parameters can be calculated. Caspian Systems firmware supports the identification mode.

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