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Motor Control Library in Simulink

Customer benefits:

During system development it is important for our customers to obtain a good understanding of the motor control system behavior. We can help our customers to get a feeling and a good understanding of the motor control system behavior before and during the development activities by simulating the system functions in Matlab/Simulink environment. MC-Sim also facilitates the development of a complex algorithm by observing the behavior in a simulation, debugging and improving it that can be otherwise very difficult and time-consuming to be done directly in the lab.

It can also serves our customers who adopted model-based design for the software development process.

MC-Sim Components:

RTMC-Lib models:

It contains the model of most of Caspian Systems' RTMC-Lib firmware. This makes it possible to have a reasonable comparison between the simulation results and what to expect from the firmware when running inside the platform. The provided Simulink library also supports code generation technology which can facilitate model-based software engineering when it is required.

Motor and inverter models:

It includes models of different motor types such as ACIM, PMSM, IPMSM and BLDC. The model of voltage source PWM inverters are also provided. Several motor control system simulations have been already developed using MC-Sim Simulink library.

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