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Real-Time Motor Control Library

Customer benefits:

Firmware is an integrated part of the electronics systems for motor control applications. Development of motor control firmware from scratch requires special knowledge and significant resources. 

Caspian Systems has developed a real-time motor control firmware library in C. The library is platform independent and can be easily integrated into a new or an existing firmware project. This way we can speed-up time-to-market for product development. We also help our customers to spend their resources efficiently to address their end user needs, instead of reinventing the wheel by developing a similar firmware.

RTMC-Lib modules:

Basic: Basic functions such as transformations, modulation techniques, trigonometric calculations, etc.

Advanced: Advanced functions such as flux angle calculations, slip speed estimations, rotor flux observer, speed observers, etc.

Control: Control functions such as ramps, PID controllers, etc.

Filter: Filtering functions such as moving average, exponential smoothing, IIRs, FIRs, etc.

Metering: Metering calculations such as RMS values, active and reactive powers, power factor, etc.

Com. Protocol: Communication protocol to interface the drive to the connected systems.

Data management: Data management functions and structures to add command and monitoring variables, signals, data recording, etc.

DMS: Diagnostics management system to create fault objects, evaluating the tests, triggerring and managing the faults and actions, etc.

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