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With decades of accumulated knowledge and experience, we have developed validated firmware libraries, hardware prototypes, and high-level software. These expertise allow us to minimize customization and prototyping time while ensuring exceptional quality to meet the highest demands.

Computer Processor


Caspian Systems has developed a real-time motor control firmware library including basic and advanced control algorithms, filters, metering, communication, diagnostics modules. The library is platform independent and can be easily integrated into a new or an existing firmware project.

Electronic Wires


We design the drive electronics such that it can be integrated into our customer's end products. It is custom made, and it can include multiple boards separating power stage, control board, sensing board, etc. or a single board depending on the customer’s space and design requirements.

User Interface


Caspian Systems has developed a proprietary multi-platform software called eMotion. It is used to configure the drive, sett up the controls, monitor the system, identify the motor parameters, and data log and recording. It can be run on Windows, Linux, and MAC systems. It also supports several communication protocols such as Ethernet, CAN, serial (UART).

Person Analyzing Data


We have developed a Simulink library that include the models of different electric motors, inverter, control algorithms, FOC algorithms, filters, etc. We can provide insight to our customers by simulating their drive system. It can also facilitate the concept design and algorithm development.

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