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At Caspian Systems we have been developing different platforms to help our customers:

Have shorter customization/development time

We have a rich portfolio of design files, firmware modules and algorithms to chose from that facilitates the customization and speeds up the development.

Have top quality product

Each platform is rigorously tested and validated which brings a high-level of quality when customized into a new design.

Rapid proof of concepts

Our customers can use one of our already made platforms to test their products concepts, and we will help them in this process as well.


Panda features attractive technologies such as linear supply, an advanced IPM module, Ethernet connection over a custom made protocol, compact design in a heat sink enclosure. It accepts DC input in the range of 100-600V, and can deliver up to 3kW. It supports three phase ACIM; PMSM; IPMSM and BLDC motors.


Coming Soon

Cheeta is a high performance platform that features up to 100kHz torque control loop, Ethernet and CAN protocols, GaN FET power module. It can fit into a 60x60x30mm space while delivering over 2kW from DC input range of 12-60V. It supports three phase PMSM, IPMSM and BLDC motors.


Coming Soon

Spider features a connectivity solution on a control board that supports standard protocols such as CANopen and EtherCAT.

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